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Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein

In 2008, when the creative flair of the early 2000s Hindi cinema had all but died down, Farhan Akhtar once again brought us an

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere

When the film Tashan was released in early 2008, it had everything going for it. Produced by Yash Raj Films, who had been on a

Dil Chahta Hai (Title Song)

In 2001, the film Dil Chahta Hai was at least a minor revelation. Made with a technical skill and a disregard for many common

Chalka Chalka Re

The phenomenon of the various regional language film industries feeding material to the Hindi film industry in Bombay, and vic

Mahi ve, Mohabattan Sachiyan Ne

There are some films that are a huge deal when they are released, and fade away into obscurity over time. Sometimes it’s


Dil Chahta Hai will remain a landmark film in the world of Hind cinema for many reasons. While it didn’t have the sheer

Tinka Tinka, Zara Zara

Karam, released in 2005 would certainly qualify as unconventional for a Hindi film, even though it subscribes to all the trope

Dil Kabootar Khana Hai

In the early 2000s, there was a rash of films that were either made by film-makers of India origin living in other parts of th

Mujhe Mil Jo Jaye Thoda Paisa

If the great golden run of Indian pop music peaked during the mid 1990s, by the end of the century and into the new millennium

Iyengaaru Veetu Azhage

Known mostly for his over-the-top Rajnikant extravaganzas, Sivaji and Enthiran, S. Shankar has had a much longer career as dir

Dil Ibadat

As a singer, KK is one of those hidden gems. Not that he is unknown by any means, but over more than a decade, he’s sung

Sajna Ve Sajna

The smoky confines of bars, the garish halls of old brothels, and such houses of mostly ill-repute have long been a great excu

Naam Adaa Likhna

In 2005, Yahaan arrived and went by without anyone noticing, for the most part. The undervalued Jimmy Shergill might have had

the 2000s song lyrics

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai Lyrics

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai‘s lyrics were penned by Sayeed Qadri for the 2009 film Tum Mile starring Emraan Hashmi and Soha

Mujhe Mil Jo Jaye Thoda Paisa Lyrics

The lyrics for the most popular song from the album Paisa were likely written by Shaleen Sharma with inputs by the rest of his

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere Lyrics

The lyrics of Falak tak chal saath mere were written by then first-time song-writer Kausar Munir for the Yash Raj Films extrav

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