Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein

In 2008, when the creative flair of the early 2000s Hindi cinema had all but died down, Farhan Akhtar once again brought us an

Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai

The 1981 film Kaalia was a big commercial success. It cemented the status of Amitabh Bachchan as a popular star, and his incre

Aye Kaash Ke Hum

In Hindi cinema, the early 90s had a lot of staple giants in the field, and many of the names that would go on to become major

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere

When the film Tashan was released in early 2008, it had everything going for it. Produced by Yash Raj Films, who had been on a

Poocho Na Kaise Maine Rain Bitai

When the film Meri Surat Teri Ankhen was released in 1963, the already venerable Ashok Kumar had been a leading man in Indian

Dil Chahta Hai (Title Song)

In 2001, the film Dil Chahta Hai was at least a minor revelation. Made with a technical skill and a disregard for many common

Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon

The film Dard was released in 1947 and proved to be an important milestone for many involved. The music composer Naushad Ali k

Kya Ada Kya Jalwe Tere Paro

In 1996, Sunil Shetty had more than half a dozen film releases. They were all likely action/revenge/angry-young-man pot-boiler

Hawaon Pe Likh Do Hawaon Ke Naam

Do Dooni Char was a film made in 1968. It was based on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, a source that would be referenced

Dum Dum Dum Mast Hai

Band Baaja Baaraat was a movie that came out of nowhere. Sure, it was produced by the ever eminent Yashraj Films, but it had l

Chalka Chalka Re

The phenomenon of the various regional language film industries feeding material to the Hindi film industry in Bombay, and vic

Tum Se Kuch Kehna Hai

The reason the Indian film industry, as a collection of all its many regional language industries, has been the most prolific

Indian Song