Naam adaa likhna

Last Updated on July 22, 2013

In 2005, Yahaan arrived and went by without anyone noticing, for the most part. The undervalued Jimmy Shergill might have had something to do with it, or the first outing of an actress no one had heard of, Minissha Lamba, or the ever complicated setting of Kashmir. But in spite of the lukewarm reception, the movie was a gem. The story was interesting, the camera work by Swedish cinematographer Jakob Ihre was beautiful, and the songs laced with Shantanu Moitra‘s music were ethereal. Of those, Naam adaa likhna stood out above the rest.

Inserting such a beautifully sensual song into a film about love and war struck the perfect tone, and made the film more human and warm by being there. Shreya Ghosal and Shaan sing it with the right amount of earnestness and lines such as:

Shaamein bujhaane, aati hain raatein
Raatein bujhaanein, tum aa gaye ho

The night arrives to quench the evening
And you have come to quench my nights

… once again remind you that there’s no one quite like Gulzar at coming up with the most vivid emotional imagery.

An interesting film, a magical song, and some equally magical images to accompany it.

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