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Aye Kaash Ke Hum

In Hindi cinema, the early 90s had a lot of staple giants in the field, and many of the names that would go on to become major

Kya Ada Kya Jalwe Tere Paro

In 1996, Sunil Shetty had more than half a dozen film releases. They were all likely action/revenge/angry-young-man pot-boiler

Jadu Hai, Tera Hi Jadu

The 1998 film Ghulam will be remembered for many reasons. It remains director Vikram Bhatt‘s best film (from what I̵

Kuch Mere Dil Ne Kaha

Tere mere sapne, released in 1996 was not a super-hit movie, but it still stands out in memory if you lived through the time,

Jo Haal Dil Ka

Jo haal dil ka is a very strange song. It’s strange only in the context in which it is presented. After all, heroines in

Yeh Haseen Wadiyan

As much of a startling change to the landscape of Hindi film music as A.R. Rahman was in the mid-1990s, his transition from Ta


As a band, the major members of Indus Creed had been creating and putting out music since 1984, albeit under a different monik

De De Mujhko

In the mid 90s, shortly after the economic liberalisation of India and the influx of new things like satellite television and

Konjam Nilavu (Chandralekha)

As teenagers in the 90s, we had started to assert our tastes in music beyond our parents’ choice of old Hindi film melod

Pehla Nasha

When Pehla nasha, from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, first played on screens large and small in 1992, and Aamir Khan appeared in a l

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Pudhu Vellai Mazhai Lyrics

Pudhu vellai mazhai is the original Tamil version of the Hindi song which became a nation-wide sensation Yeh haseen wadiyan fr

Yeh Haseen Vadiyan Yeh Khula Aasman Lyrics

The lyrics of Yeh haseen vadiyan were penned by P K Mishra for the Hindi version of Roja in 1994. A R Rahman‘s original

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