Farishton ki nagri mein main

Last Updated on July 22, 2013

I vaguely remember watching Hamari yaad aayegi in a scratchy video copy when I was younger, and only minor impressions remained. One was that there were a whole set of actors I didn’t recognise, and the other was this extremely idyllic song, Farishton ki nagri mein.

Seeing it now after all these years, it would seem I hadn’t quite remembered how idyllic this song was. It really is an ode to Indian rural life and ‘the country side’. That’s pretty much the gist of the song and what it conveys, with poetic imagery such as:

Yeh chaandi ki nadiyaan bahe ja rahi hain
Kuchh apni zubaan mein kahe ja rahi hain

Rivers of silver continuously flow
Whispering in their own tongue

There’s a lot more of that, and one thing I did remember was that the video of the song did in fact show a lot of scenery and nature, quite different from the very actor-centric song visualisation I was used to. The choice of almost documentary footage of people and places might have been a choice based on the actor involved, or simply a matter of budgets, but it certainly makes this song different.

This is Kidar Nath Sharma‘s show all the way, because he wrote the lyrics to this song, directed the film, and also provided the hero in the form of his son Ashok Sharma. The boy tries very hard, perhaps too hard, but let’s just say his attempts are nowhere as natural or idyllic as the rest of the footage.

Still, that in no way takes away from some extremely melodic music by Snehal Bhatkar and an extremely calming song sung in an appropriately understated way by Mukesh.

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