Dum dum

Band Baaja Baaraat was a movie that came out of nowhere. Sure, it was produced by the ever eminent Yashraj Films, but it had little else going for it. Released at the very end of the year, a fresh director (Maneesh Sharma), a fist time actor in the main role (Ranvir Singh), a second time actress (Anushka Sharma) whose first outing (Rab Ne Banaa Di Jodi) was very commendable and a huge hit, but then it did star Sharukh Khan. Also, a mainstream romantic comedy set in Delhi? Unheard of in 2010. But the movie did come and left quite an impression. Musically, it is known for the much more colloquial song Ainvayi Ainvayi, a great song, but Dum Dum holds a special place in my heart. For in the unexpectedness of Band Baaja Baaraat, the song Dum Dum also manages to come out of nowhere and leave you joyous.
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