Kuch mere dil ne kaha

Tere mere sapne, released in 1996 was not a super-hit movie, but it still stands out in memory if you lived through the time, because it was memorable in various small ways. For one it was produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s on again, off again production house ABCL. It also introduced into the Hindi film world a handful of brand new actors who went on to have very varied careers. They were not all completely fresh, but a project with so much buzz behind it was their ticket to broader recognition. Arshad Warsi went on to have a healthy career as comic actor, which continues. Simran went on to become a South-Indian super star in multiple languages. Of the main cast, the two actors in the song Kuch mere dil ne kaha, Priya Gill and Chandrachur Singh, are the ones who had an interesting bunch of films that followed and then faded mostly into obscurity.
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